Chicago IL Implant Dentist Office Technology

At Premier Dentistry, we commit to bringing high-quality dental services and solutions to the Chicago, IL community. We have equipped our modern dental practice with the best modern dental technology available. Our dental team provides treatment plans that are both effective and efficient. We want to help you achieve your dream smile no matter what current state your smile is in.

Visit us if you are looking for a dental office that can meet all of your dental needs under one roof. We invite you to see why we are a top dentist in Chicago, IL.

technology in our dental practice

Premier Dentistry at Millennium Park Dental Technology

When you visit our dental office, you may notice some equipment utilized throughout your appointment. Our compassionate staff is happy to answer any questions you might have about our available dental technologies and procedures. Some technology that we may incorporate into your treatment plan includes:

  • Digital X-rays – We utilize digital x-rays when possible to reduce our patient’s risk for radiation exposure and get more accurate imaging for diagnostics and treatment planning.
  • Intraoral cameras – Our doctors utilize intraoral cameras to take a closer look at your dental structures, and project those images onto a screen for patient education purposes. This allows us to show you what we see in real-time while discussing your treatment options.
  • Digital scanning and impressions – Handheld digital scanners can take impressions of your teeth for use in diagnostics and treatment planning. Digital impressions mean no more messy, uncomfortable trays placed in the mouth. This technology produces high-resolution imagery for immediate use during your visit.
  • 3D scanning – Our state of the art dentist office has 3D CBCT scanning for obtaining high-resolution, 3-dimensional imagery of your teeth, gums, and oral structure. We commonly use it for evaluating and planning the placement of dental implants. The 3D scanner provides in-depth information regarding the condition of your dental health.

Implant Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Our office offers implant dentistry solutions to help edentulous patients or patients in need of a full mouth reconstruction. Whether you are missing one tooth or a full mouth of teeth, our dentist office can provide you with modern tooth replacement services.

We can also provide bone and gum grafting services to prepare your smile to support dental implants. Our doctors are specialists in tooth replacement services. They understand the appropriate use of each type of tooth replacement technology. We make appropriate tooth replacement recommendations on an individual basis. A careful patient examination and an understanding of individual patient preferences help us determine what will work for you. Furthermore, we use our knowledge of the best current research evidence to make sure your treatment lasts a lifetime.

Advanced Training & Research

In addition to providing everyday dental care services, our doctors stay up-to-date on advanced training. This allows us to manage and fix complex oral health conditions in a timely manner. If you have consulted several dentists and received different opinions concerning the best treatment, we can help you consolidate their findings, resolve any uncertainty, and provide guidance toward treatment that is appropriate without being excessive.

To assist patients in making the best decisions for their overall dental health, we rely upon our clinical experience, patients’ values and preferences, and applicable results from dental research. Our practice guidelines are continually developing because we believe staying current is an important part of providing quality care.