Laser Dentistry Chicago, IL

Using laser technology, Dr. Abraham Stein and Dr. Nechama Brand provide patients with state-of-the-art dental care in their Chicago, IL dental office. Our practice is proud to offer dental lasers, which allow us to perform soft tissue procedures that traditionally require surgery.

There are many benefits to the patients in doing. Lasers isolate the precise treatment area and reduce the need for anesthesia, reduce bleeding and swelling, and offer painless treatment. This incredible advancement in dental technology has helped many patients receive the treatment they need. Learn more about how this general dental treatment at Premier Dentistry can benefit you below.

Laser Dentistry in Chicago, Illinois

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dental treatments are completely different when using dental lasers and the benefits are incredible. We can complete your procedure without the use anesthetic. Our lasers are so gentle that they can address both soft and hard tissue concerns.

When treating hard tissue, no drilling is necessary. Additionally, we will not need to cut when treating soft tissue, so you will not require stitches. All of those benefits combined result in faster and much quieter treatment. We have found that people who suffer from dental anxiety are much happier with dental lasers since more procedures are complete in a shorter amount of time.

Unlike traditional surgery methods, dental lasers are able to target specific areas of the mouth. Your dentist can focus on even the smallest area with accuracy and precision without using drills or sutures. Your dentist will not damage healthy tissue in any way.

Also, since the laser will cauterize the tissue with heat, there is very little bleeding involved. This minimizes the chances of bacteria entering the wound and infections from developing. Generally speaking, everything will simply heal much faster. Following your laser dental treatment, you will be able to resume routine life sooner since lasers promote a faster healing time.

Laser Dentistry Procedures

Laser technology can help Dr. Stein and Dr. Brand complete cosmetic smile makeovers for a natural-looking end result. Patients who have a “gummy smile” benefit greatly from removing excess gum tissue to expose more of their tooth structure. Dental lasers can also treat abscesses, remove tissue for slowly erupting teeth, heal cold sores, and address gum disease.

The gum tissue cannot grow back after a laser deep cleaning surgery, but gum grafting is possible for patients who have extensive damage from gum disease. On average, the healing time for laser gum surgery is anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Scaling and root planing with lasers ensure that we remove infection beneath the tooth root. This can save severely diseased teeth and gums.

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