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Do you have tooth damage? Are there minor imperfections impacting the beauty of your natural smile?

Dental bonding is an economical and effective way for patients to fix chipped and cracked teeth, slightly crooked teeth, tooth misalignment, discolored teeth, and gaps between teeth. This cosmetic dental option also benefits patients who do not want a permanent cosmetic restoration.

The resin material that is used in tooth bonding treatment is pliable before it is hardened, so we can change the shape and size of your teeth. In addition, the composite resin is color-matched to natural teeth, so discolored teeth can appear brighter.

Dr. Nechama Brand and Dr. Abraham Stein help patients in the Chicago, IL area improve the aesthetics of their smiles with dental bonding treatment. Learn more about the tooth bonding process they offer at Premier Dentistry below:

Tooth Bonding in Chicago, Illinois

Dental Bonding Treatment

Before treatment, Dr. Brand or Dr. Stein will assess your teeth and gums to determine if tooth bonding is the right cosmetic option for you. The treatment process begins when we will remove a small portion of the tooth structure to ensure that the dental bonding material adheres to the treated area.

Then, they will color-match the resin for the most natural-looking result. After sculpting the resin onto the desired tooth or teeth, it is shaped and molded until it is comfortable for the patient. A special UV light hardens and sets the resin. To complete treatment, your dentist will polish the resin for a high shine.

After treatment, patients should avoid teeth-staining foods and beverages like coffee, red wine, tea, and soda for at least 48 hours. Patients can brush and floss their teeth normally after the procedure, but you should avoid chewing on hard foods following treatment.

Some patients report temporary tooth sensitivity after cosmetic tooth bonding treatment. However, this sensitivity only lasts for a couple of hours. Be aware that patients with underlying dental issues will feel more sensitive than those without these problems.

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