Restorative Dentistry Chicago, IL

Dr. Nechama Brand and Dr. Abraham Stein provide restorative dental solutions to improve the function and form of your bite and enhance the appearance of your smile. Restorative dentistry not only includes treatments for repairing or replacing missing teeth but also treatments for oral diseases such as gum disease.

Restorative Dental Care in Chicago, Illinois

Restorative Dental Care

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a restoration constructed of a series of prosthetic teeth linked together and supported by an anchor on either side of a missing tooth gap. Dental bridges help support the tooth structure, prevent shifting and overcrowding teeth, help maintain a patient’s face shape, and give patients the ability to bite and chew evenly. When bridges are secured with dental implants, they offer a more permanent and stable restoration.

Dental Crowns

Protect and restore damaged or discolored teeth with a dental crown. Dental implants can also be covered by a dental crown as the final restoration. During crown treatment, we prepare the tooth receiving the crown by removing any damaged or decayed structure. The crown is made out of porcelain and reflects light for a more natural look.

Dentures and Partials

Full and partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth and even whole rows of lost teeth. By rebuilding the tooth structure with dentures, we help improve the function of one’s bite, support bone retention, and prevent gum recession. We recommend implant-supported dentures to our patients as this offers a more stable and permanent restoration.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, begins as gum inflammation (gingivitis) and can quickly develop into serious problems including loose teeth and tooth decay. We offer scaling, root planing, laser dentistry, and more to remove infection and provide a deep clean. We also work to help reattach teeth to the gums and can provide restorative care if you lose your teeth to severe gum disease.


As an experienced Prosthodontist, Dr. Stein works with patients to create a new smile that is stable, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing. If you have teeth that are damaged or missing our dentists will restore beauty and function using advanced treatment options and digital technology for a predictable result.

TMJ Treatment

If you suffer from frequent jaw or facial pain, you may have a temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects the jawbone to the skull, and pain can arise in the jaw joint and facial muscles due to injuries. Some other signs of TMJ, also known as TMD, include difficulty chewing, teeth grinding, or teeth clenching. We offer treatments for mild cases of TMD.

If you need or desire to explore restorative dental care treatment options, call Premier Dentistry at Millennium Park at 312-481-6859. You may also schedule a consultation online with Dr. Brand or Dr. Stein on our dental website.