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Dr. Nechama Brand and Dr. Abraham Stein offer professional teeth whitening services to patients in Chicago, IL. Premier Dentistry and the entire dental team have made it their mission to help patients discover the best treatment options to improve their smiles.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Stained, yellowed, and darkened teeth are caused by a variety of factors. Aging, smoking habits, staining foods and drinks, and certain medications can contribute to teeth appearing discolored. These conditions or factors can wear down the teeth and show the dark layer of dentin underneath the tooth enamel. Foods, drinks, and tobacco products can stain or discolor the enamel. However, discolored teeth may be fixed with professional teeth whitening.

How to Whiten Teeth in Chicago, Illinois

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening has many benefits. It will reduce the amount of tooth sensitivity. This is because the bleaching agents we use are crafted with tooth sensitivity in mind. Over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments are usually not effective enough to whiten teeth. However, when teeth whitening is overseen by a dentist, treatment can lighten the tooth enamel by multiple shades.

Teeth whitening treatment not only brightens teeth and boosts self-confidence but also improves overall oral health. Patients who receive our whitening treatment are often more motivated to maintain their smiles at home and schedule regular dental checkups. Maintaining oral health and hygiene and staying away from staining foods and beverages allows for tooth whitening results to last longer.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options in Chicago, IL

Our Chicago, IL dentist office offers two types of professional whitening; in-office and at-home teeth whitening. At-home treatment allows you to conveniently whiten your teeth at home. On the other hand, in-office whiten offers must faster results. Our dental team would be happy to answer any remaining questions you may have about teeth whitening treatment.

In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening utilizes a gel containing the activating agent of hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the tooth enamel for a brighter smile. During teeth whitening treatment, we apply the whitening gel to the teeth and activate it using a special light.

This quick and effective treatment is repeated several times to lighten the tooth enamel by multiple shades. In-office tooth whitening is great for patients who want to whiten teeth before special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and graduations.

Take-Home Professional Teeth Whitening

To create a take-home whitening tray, first we take dental impressions of teeth. Next, the impressions will be used to fabricate dental trays. Then the dental trays are used to hold a whitening solution against the teeth. With this method, teeth will become gradually lighter over several weeks with consistent use.

However, take-home whitening results will differ from person to person. Everyone has a different tooth structure and composition. Teeth whitening treatment can be done before receiving other cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Will my teeth be more sensitive after a whitening treatment?

Every patient can react to the whitening treatment differently. Therefore, you may experience some tooth sensitivity after treatment. While administering your treatment, we will do all we can to minimize this side effect. However, this side effect should only be temporary.

How soon will see the results?

With in-office teeth whitening the results are immediate. After a short dental appointment, your teeth will appear up to eight shades lighter. On the other hand, professional at-home whitening results will take longer to become noticeable. It may take any where from several days to several weeks depending on how bad the stains are.

Are over-the-counter teeth whitening options better?

There are many store bought teeth whitening products available for you to buy. However, it will take much longer to achieve the same results that you can get from professional whitening. Moreover, some of these products may not be effective at all. It is much safer and more effective to have a dentist whiten your teeth.

Can I whiten my dental restorations?

No, teeth whitening agents are not meant to whitening dental restorations such as veneers, bridges, crowns, or bonding material. These highly specific whiteners use bleaching agents that can only work on teeth enamel.

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