Teeth Whitening Chicago, IL

Professional teeth whitening near you is a safe and affordable solution! Our dentists can apply a single treatment for an instant smile makeover. Additionally, we can use it with other cosmetic procedures. Procedures such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding, to enhance your results.

Dr. Nechama Brand and Dr. Abraham Stein are talented dentists providing professional teeth whitening services to our patients. Premier Dentistry and our entire dental team help our patients find the best treatment options in Chicago, IL.

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

A variety of factors will stain, yellow, and darken teeth. Aging, using any form of tobacco, consuming staining foods and drinks, and certain medications can contribute to stained teeth. Red wine, tea, coffee, pasta sauces and other rich sauce-based foods are the most common food and drinks that stain teeth. Tobacco is a major contributor to teeth turning yellow.

These factors and conditions can wear down your teeth and show the dark layer of dentin underneath. Foods, drinks, and tobacco products can stain or discolor the enamel. However, our professional teeth whitening services can fix this!

How to Whiten Teeth in Chicago, Illinois

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Your smile is an important part of your image, whether you realize it or not. The first thing people notice about you is your smile. For this reason, patients want to create a smile that reflects health and beauty.

Professional teeth whitening can accomplish this and offers many benefits. The bleaching agents we use will reduce the chance of sensitivity in teeth while brightening them by several shades.

The teeth whitening treatments we use not only brighten teeth and boost self-confidence.

They also improve your overall oral health. Patients who receive our whitening treatment motivate themselves to maintain their mouths at home. Maintain your oral health and hygiene and stay away from staining foods and beverages for the first few weeks. Your tooth whitening results can last longer.

Professional Whitening Options in Chicago

Our dental office in downtown Chicago offers two types of professional and affordable teeth whitening treatments. We offer an in-office treatment and an at-home teeth whitening kit.

At-home treatment allows you to conveniently whiten your teeth at home. On the other hand, in-office whitening offers much faster results. Our dental team is happy to answer any remaining questions you have about which treatment is best for you.


Our in-office teeth whitening treatment uses a gel that contains hydrogen peroxide. This active ingredient penetrates the tooth enamel and dentin, where it then lifts the stains. We will cover your gums to protect them and reduce the chances of gum irritation.

Next, our dentist will apply the bleaching gel evenly to your teeth. Then, our dentist will use a special light to activate the whitening gel.

We can repeat this quick and effective treatment several times to lighten your tooth enamel by many shades. In-office teeth whitening is great for patients who want to whiten their teeth before special occasions. Schedule regular dental checkups to keep your teeth whiter and more vibrant.


We also provide take-home kits for patients that want to whiten their teeth at home. This option is more affordable. However, it also takes longer to see results. Teeth will become gradually lighter over several weeks if used correctly.

Take-home whitening results will differ from person to person. Everyone has a different tooth structure and composition.

You will need a custom tray to use at home for this treatment. First, we take dental impressions of your teeth. Next, we will use those impressions to make your custom dental trays.

We will send the custom trays home with you. You will use them to hold the whitening gel against your teeth. We will also provide you with specific instructions on how to properly use the whitening kit. If you have any issues or questions, you can always contact our office.

Why You Should Avoid Store-Bought Whitening Products

Most stores that sell oral hygiene products will also likely sell teeth whitening products. But how effective and safe are they? The reality is, when administered by a dentist, you can expect the best teeth whitening results. Over-the-counter whitening products may be tempting because of their price.

However, it will take much longer to see results, if the results are even noticeable at all. Additionally, you risk getting uneven results if you do not follow the instructions. Not only that, but you also risk damaging your teeth and gums.

When overseen by a dentist, a whitening treatment can lighten tooth enamel by multiple shades. Professional treatments are much safer, and the results are predictable. Leave whitening your teeth to the professionals and protect your gums and teeth health.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Will my teeth be more sensitive after a whitening treatment?

Every patient will react to the whitening treatment differently. You may or may not experience some tooth sensitivity after treatment. We will do all we can to minimize the side effects during your procedure. However, this side effect should only be temporary and disappear in a few days.

How soon will we see the results?

The results are immediate when you get in-office teeth whitening. After a short dental appointment, your teeth will appear up to eight shades lighter. On the other hand, professional at-home whitening results will take longer. It may take anywhere from several days to several weeks, depending on how bad the stains are.

How long will the teeth whitening results last?

You must take good care of your oral health to make your results last as long as possible. This includes brushing multiple times a day and flossing once a day or more. Don’t forget to visit our Chicago dental office twice a year for dental checkups.

We also highly suggest avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks. They will cause your teeth to become stained and discolored again. Your results will last up to three years if you follow these simple habits.

Are over-the-counter teeth whitening options better?

Many store-bought teeth whitening products available for you to buy. However, it will take much longer to see any results. Some of the store-bought products may not be effective at all and may even cause damage. Professional tooth whitening is much safer and more effective since a dentist will oversee the procedure.

Can I whiten my dental restorations?

The teeth whitening products we use cannot whiten dental restorations. This includes porcelain veneers, dental bridges, dental crowns, and bonding compounds. Our highly effective whiteners use bleaching agents that only work on real teeth enamel.

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