Single Tooth Dental Implant Chicago, IL

Do you have a missing tooth? Even “just one” lost tooth can have dramatic impacts on the aesthetics and health of your natural smile. At Premier Dentistry in downtown Chicago, Dr. Brand and Dr. Stein offer tooth replacement treatment options including single tooth dental implants.

single tooth dental implants in downtown chicago, il.
A dental implant is an excellent alternative treatment for a traditional dental bridge when replacing a single lost tooth. Choosing a dental implant has key benefits for your dental and overall health that should be taken into consideration. These can include:

  • Minimize bone loss in the jaw: when a tooth is lost, the root below the gum is also lost. Over time, this leads to changes in the structure of the jaw and bite due to reduced bone tissue where the root used to be.
  • Protect neighboring healthy teeth: placing a dental implant does not require adjacent healthy teeth to be compromised. When placing a traditional dental bridge, adjacent teeth are often covered with a dental crown to strengthen them for supporting the appliance. To place a crown, a significant amount of healthy tooth structure is removed and the stage is set for possible problems down the road.
  • Normal biting force is restored: the implant provides a stable foundation that is similar to a natural tooth, enabling normal biting and chewing forces and the enjoyment of a varied diet.
  • Confident speech: if you have been struggling with your speech after tooth loss, a dental implant will restore your ability to speak with confidence once again.

Placing a single tooth implant is a relatively straightforward process that begins with digital scanning in our Chicago dentist office to evaluate your dental health condition. Dr. Brand or Dr. Stein will confirm your candidacy for the placement of a dental implant or recommend any pre-placement treatment to address other concerns. We offer the comprehensive procedures and treatments needed to restore lost teeth with predictable and lasting results.