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Welcome to Premier Dentistry, a top local dental office in Millennium Park that serves patients from many surrounding areas. Dr. Nechama Brand and Dr. Abraham Stein are modern dentists who provide every patient with the best dental care possible.

Our dentists and friendly staff prioritize getting to know patients on a personal level. This ensures that we know and understand each patient’s needs. Providing the highest level of care is our number one goal. If you are searching for a dentist in Logan Square, IL, Premier Dentistry is accepting new patients.

Take Control of Your Dental Health

As a top local dentist’s office, we want our patients to take control of their dental health. Maintaining dental health is vital for maintaining overall well-being and preventing oral diseases. Dr. Brand and Dr. Stein suggest several things to maintain dental health.

dentist in Logan Square, IL,

Most importantly, you should maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine. Daily teeth brushing and flossing is a must. Using fluoride toothpaste, you should be brushing at least twice a day. Additionally, you should be flossing once a day to remove any food and debris that is stuck between your teeth. Using antiseptic mouthwash once a day can help eliminate bacteria. These daily habits are crucial to avoiding tooth decay and gum disease.

Attending regular dental check-ups is just as vital as daily oral hygiene. When you visit our Logan Square, IL, area dentist office twice a year, our team will help you manage your dental health. We will look for potential dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. A member of our dental team will perform a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Dr. Brand or Dr. Stein will provide personalized advice on better managing your dental health.

Your diet and certain lifestyle habits can also contribute to good dental health. You should follow a healthy diet that limits sugary and acidic foods and drinks. This will help prevent tooth decay and enamel erosion. Drink plenty of water daily to maintain good saliva flow, naturally protecting against tooth decay.

For you overall health and dental, we must suggest that you avoid tobacco in all forms and limit your alcohol intake. This essential health advice will protect your dental health in the long term.

By adopting these practices, you can take comprehensive control of your dental health, ensuring a bright smile and overall well-being.

Premier Dentistry Offers Everything You Need from a Dental Office and More

Premier Dentistry offers everything you need in a local dental office and more. We combine complete dental care, expert dentists, transparency on treatment costs, and dental technology to provide the best dental care.

dentist in Logan Square, IL,

At Premier Dentistry, the emphasis is on providing comprehensive dental care that caters to all aspects of oral health. Whether routine check-ups, preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, or complex restorative procedures, we meet everyone’s dental needs.

Our highly skilled dentists at Premier Dentistry participate in ongoing dental education. Their ongoing advanced training and clinical experience help Dr. Brand and Dr. Stein stay current on the latest developments in dentistry. Our dentists near Logan Square deliver cutting-edge treatments using the latest dental technology.

Furthermore, we offer an office that welcomes everyone and strive to make every visit a positive experience. From advanced dental technology to full pricing transparency, Premier Dentistry sets the standard for what a modern dental office should be. If you searching for a dentist in Logan Square, IL, we can help achieve lifelong oral health.

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