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At our Chicago dentist office, we believe that everyone has a right to extraordinary dental care. Though our office is in Millennium Park, we welcome patients looking for a good dentist in Lincoln Park, IL and the surrounding areas. Our exceptional dental care team provides complete dentistry to our patients.

Unique Cosmetic Offerings

When you’re looking for a Botox provider, a dentist office might not be the place you expect to get it. However, dentists are uniquely qualified to provide Botox injections. They have in-depth knowledge of the structure of the face and all of its muscles and bones. Dr. Nechama Brand is the Botox expert at Premier Dentistry at Millennium Park.

We provide both cosmetic and therapeutic Botox. Cosmetic Botox allows us to highlight the beauty of your smile. Botox causes the specific muscle to stop contracting, calming the lines formed when these muscles move. It can care for deep lines and wrinkles on the forehead, at the corners of the eyes, and at the edges of your smile.

But Botox isn’t just cosmetic. It’s also a popular treatment option for TMJ disorders. When the jaw joint isn’t tracking properly, the muscles and ligaments that help it move become strained and tense. This causes pain to radiate from the jaw area throughout the face and head. Botox can relax these muscles so they aren’t constantly tense, relieving the pain.

Botox treatments also conveniently fit in with how often you visit the dentist for regular checkups. The treatment typically lasts for around six months. Every time you need a touch-up, you can add it to your regular dental cleaning and exam appointment. All of these things can be done in one visit.

dentist in lincoln park, illinois

All-On-4® Dental Implants Expertise

Dr. Abraham Stein is in the top 1% of All-on-4 procedure providers in the United States. He has thousands of these cases under his belt. If you’re in the market to replace entire arches of missing teeth, All-on-4 is the ideal solution. It combines the convenience of dentures with the stability and benefits of dental implants.

All-on-4 works by placing as few as four dental implants to support a fixed denture. Dental implants are a more expensive treatment option, but you don’t need an implant post for every missing tooth, making it more affordable. Unlike traditional dentures, you don’t need messy adhesives to keep them in your mouth. They’re fixed to the dental implants.

You don’t need to worry about taking your dentures out at all. Traditional dentures are removable, and you have to remove them every night. Since they use suction to stay in, your gums require a rest overnight. You also need to thoroughly clean the dental adhesive off of them and soak them to ensure they don’t get brittle and break down.

With All-on-4, you just have to care for the dentures like your natural teeth. You also get the many benefits implants bring. They prevent further jawbone deterioration and give you more stability than traditional dentures. Instead of only getting back minimal bite function, you get back almost 100%. You can bite into foods and don’t have to change your diet due to your restoration.

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