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Patients deserve the best in oral healthcare, regardless of location. Though our dentist office is located in Millennium Park, we’re happy to open our doors to patients looking for a good dentist in Bucktown, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our office provides complete care to patients in many Chicago in bucktown, illinois

Advanced Prosthodontics Training

Dr. Abraham Stein and Dr. Nechama Brand have advanced training in dental implant procedures and replacing missing teeth. Prosthodontics is the field that deals with restoring missing teeth and jaw structures. Dr. Stein is also a member of the American College of Prosthodontists. We’re proud to offer our advanced knowledge in prosthodontics to patients.

One of the most prominent prosthodontic offerings is dental implants. They’re the gold standard of tooth replacement. When patients come into our office concerned about missing teeth, we recommend dental implants whenever possible. They’re the only solution that replaces the tooth root as well as the crown of the tooth.

A certain amount of healthy bone structure is necessary for dental implants. The jaw can experience bone loss with gum disease and missing teeth. We offer bone grafts so that we can replenish bone structure to get dental implants. Adding bone volume provides a more stable base for implants and lessens the chance of implant failure.

Gum disease has a big impact on your oral health. It’s difficult to replace missing teeth or get any cosmetic dental procedure until periodontal disease is managed. We aim to treat gum disease early before it has severe impacts like tooth and jawbone loss.

Prosthodontics treatment plans may require one service or multiple. Some patients have more severe situations than others. A large amount of compromised jaw structure requires multiple surgeries to get up to par for dental implant placement. A personalized consultation will help us determine your treatment plan moving forward.

Dentistry With Laser Technology

Over the years, technology has continued to evolve and advance the field of dentistry. One of the biggest developments has been laser dentistry. Taking the place of a scalpel in many dental procedures, a laser uses concentrated light energy to perform dental treatment. They’re extremely precise, reducing the chance of harm to surrounding tissue.

Lasers come with many benefits over traditional methods of treatment. Since they don’t require incisions and sutures, you bleed less and heal faster. There’s less swelling and discomfort in the days following your procedure. This leads to less downtime, and you can return to normal activities faster.

Laser dentistry is less painful than procedures using a scalpel. Patients often don’t even require local anesthesia when getting laser dentistry treatment. Because of the energy they distribute, you have less chance of experiencing an infection. The laser sterilizes the area as it’s treating it, meaning you’re less likely to have problems.

Laser dentistry is especially ideal for patients who suffer from dental fear. One main factor contributing to dental fear is the sound of a dental drill. Lasers are quiet, and you don’t have any of that intimidating drilling sound during treatment. The treatment time is quicker, and patients usually remain more relaxed throughout.

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