Should I Rinse My Mouth With Water?

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Many patients rinse their mouth out with water as a part of their at-home oral hygiene routines. Our Chicago dentist office provides insight on when and how to rinse your mouth out with water, and also when to avoid doing so, below:

Saltwater Rinses

If you have undergone an invasive dental procedure, your aftercare instructions may include at-home saltwater rinses. Saltwater rinses help to heal any abrasions or incision sights leftover following dental procedures. A good example of when saltwater rinses are recommended is following a tooth extraction procedure.

To keep the extraction sight clean, you will need to rinse your mouth out with a homemade saltwater solution a few times a day. Keeping the area clean will help hurry along the healing process as well as help you avoid getting an infection. When brushing and flossing around teeth that have recently been operated on becomes uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to reach for a saltwater rinse to get the job done.

Rinsing After Midday Meals

Patients should brush and floss after meals to prevent plaque and tartar buildup from forming. However, it is not always convenient to brush and floss after midday meals or snacks. If you are at work or school and need an alternative to freshening up your smile, a quick rinse with water will help you maintain fresh breath and remove any remaining food residue on your teeth.

Chewing sugar-free gum may also help dislodge food residues stuck in the tight spaces between your teeth. While brushing and flossing are always the preferred option for keeping your smile clean, rinsing your mouth out with water throughout the day will help too.

Rinsing After Brushing

Most of us use toothpaste that contains active ingredients for preventing plaque and tartar buildup, tooth discoloration, or increased sensitivity. The goal of using these toothpastes is that these ingredients will help you maintain your best smile. If you rinse your mouth out with water after brushing, you are actually removing these ingredients from your dental structures, effecting the toothpaste’s overall effectiveness.

Our best dentist in Chicago are advises patients not to rinse their mouths out too quickly with water after using toothpaste. This will allow the ingredients to remain on your smile and preform as intended for the betterment of your dental health. Learn more about how to better your overall oral health and wellness by scheduling an appointment with Premier Dentistry at Millennium Park today.