How to Prevent Dry Socket

A patient may require a tooth extraction for a number of reasons, from an impacted wisdom tooth to a tooth with severe decay. They will need time to recover from this oral surgery, but they must be careful to avoid a painful condition called dry socket.

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that naturally forms over a healing tooth extraction site becomes dislodged. Dr. Abraham Stein, a dentist in Chicago, IL, offers three tips for preventing dry socket after a tooth extraction procedure.

dry socket prevention in Chicago Illinois

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

After a tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will provide guidelines for caring for the healing area in your mouth. A major aftercare step includes keeping the area clean with good oral hygiene habits.

You will need to brush your teeth carefully as this area heals to avoid disrupting the clot. Your dentist may also recommend using an antibacterial mouthwash to further keep your mouth clean and healthy during this healing period.

Avoid Suction Through the Mouth

The combination of airflow and muscle movement involved in a sucking motion from your mouth has a high likelihood of dislodging a blood clot from a tooth extraction site during the early days of healing. For this reason, you should avoid using a straw for at least one week after your procedure.

You should also avoid smoking after a tooth extraction surgery because this inhalation creates a similar threat. You may want to reduce your tobacco usage leading up to your procedure to make it easier to maintain this abstinence while you heal.

Choose Soft Foods

Your mouth may feel sore as anesthetics wear off after your procedure, so soft foods can be easier and more comfortable to eat. They are also a good choice because hard, sticky, or chewy foods can disturb a blood clot at the extraction site.

Yogurt and applesauce are optimal examples of foods you can enjoy after your oral surgery. You may feel ready to try solid foods the day after your procedure, but you should return to soft food options if you notice any pain.

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