Reviews for Dr. Abraham Stein

Dr. Abraham Stein and Dr. Nechama Brand are Chicago, IL dentists who are passionate about helping their patients receive the dental care they need. Dr. Stein has extensive experience in treating patients with missing teeth and is in the top 1% of dentists in the country for the All-On-4 treatment option. He has also received awards from the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and the American College of Prosthodontists. Learn what patients have to say about Dr. Stein and his care below:

Dr. Abraham Stein Dentist in Chicago, IL

I can’t say enough about Dr. Stein and his team. All are great people and very nice to work with as well as go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a positive one. Dr. Stein is the best at his trade I’ve never had someone who was so thorough and determined to make sure my outcome was a great one. Thanks again, Dr. Stein!

-J. Rittgarn

I’ve been going to Dr. Stein’s office for several years. He is very meticulous and knowledgeable. His office is very high tech. when I needed a crown, he was able to scan it with a 3-D scanner and they didn’t have to use any of the putty that gags you. My new crowns fit so well and feel natural. The whole process was smooth and painless. My family goes to the office too and has had the same positive experience as me.

-N. Weintraub

I have been very impressed with Dr. Stein. I have been going to this dental practice for over 20 years, and when Dr. Stein took over just a couple of years ago I wondered whether the service would remain at its high level. Well, it has. Not only is Dr. Stein a very personable man, but he seems knowledgeable, thoughtful, and very skilled too. I just had to have a tooth extraction, and although the procedure can hardly be described as pleasant, it went as well as I could possibly have imagined. Dr. Stein explained the options to me, and described his recommendation and the reasons, and then carried out the process with great skill and professionalism. I would highly recommend his services.

-J. Solomon

I have been going for about 2 years to Dr. Stein he is helping me with my implants. He is awesome and very sensitive to my needs especially if something isn’t going the way it needs to go. I have recommended him to several friends and family members. Dr. Stein does a wonderful job!

-K. Sampath